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Inspection Services


Home Inspections

A home inspection is an objective visual examination of a home’s physical structure and systems, from the roof to the foundation and much more. We take pride in a thorough, detailed inspection. An extensive report is provided quickly afterward, followed by an easy-to-read detailed report with color photos. Contact us for more information regarding what is included in the home inspection process.

Commercial Inspections

From offices and warehouses to retail and restaurant spaces, any property that serves a public audience must be up to par from floor to ceiling. Nothing is more important than the safety of patrons and employees. Property inspection professionals from Home Sentry evaluate all major components, detailing any potential problems and current defects.

01.Bank Draw Inspections

Bank draw inspections are a way for the banks to verify completion percentages on construction projects. When a project is started the bank needs someone to verify completion of the different “phases” or percentages of the project.

02.Construction Phase Inspection

Our construction phase inspections monitor the construction of a home or building in various phases so that you, the buyer, have eyes on it….our eyes. We can identify a wide variety of issues with the structure, plumbing, electrical, and other systems and structures associated with new construction.

03.Maintenance Inspection

If you’re a new homeowner, an Annual Home Maintenance Inspection can help you understand and plan for the demands of maintaining your home properly. Some tasks are seasonal, and some items require more frequent attention.

02.WDO Inspection

Sometimes called “termite inspections”, this specialized inspection looks for damage caused by any type of insecta, primarily termites that feed on, and nest in, the wood that supports your home’s frame, porch, patio, flooring, ceiling, and other places.